Since 1919, Pentax pioneered the field of SLR camera lenses with quality and innovative products. Today, Pentax is taking its innovation to new heights by introducing a series of skilfully crafted optical lenses. Renowned for its design and manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses, Pentax optical lens is quickly becoming the trusted brand for prescription eyewear.

With over 40 years of experience in providing top quality products in the ophthalmic lens business, Pentax ensures that the brand remains innovative by constantly striving in high-tech research and development. By utilising their expertise in lens manufacturing, Pentax has now created an expansion in product range to cater to different consumer’s needs.

Pentax optical lens prides itself with its intricate design with the sole purpose of delivering performance and durability. The mark of its innovative success is seen in the new generation of Pentax Single Vision and Pentax Progressive lenses. These lenses are customisable to any prescription to deliver a product with an unprecedented combination of clarity, performance and durability.